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Alex Roll

Alex Roll


Alex Roll is specially trained to oversee urgent relapse and symptoms management for MS patients. She brings with her a background in neuroscience and a deep expertise from her days as a nurse in trauma and surgery.

On a usual day, Alex’s job is to make sure patients with new MS symptoms are assessed promptly and get the follow up they need, when they need it.

“Instead of going to the emergency department, they can come to us and see a familiar face,” says Alex. “We’re right here for them.”

As a nurse practitioner, Alex prescribes medication and monitors its effectiveness. When patients need more than drugs, she and her nursing team get them expert help – an occupational therapist, a social worker or a neuropsychologist.

Like all of our MS nurses, Alex takes the time to explain the illness, how the medication works and what to expect. “I can spend an hour with a patient and get down to what is really going on,” says Alex. “They may be stressed and need more help. That might not come out in a 15-minute consultation with the doctor.”

*The person shown in the above image is not an actual patient.

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